Le commissaire au lobbyisme du Québec veille au respect de la Loi sur la transparence et l'éthique en matière de lobbyisme et au Code de déontologie des lobbyistes.


Future Lobbyists Registry:
The Commissioner requests that its deployment be postponed 

The Lobbyists Commissioner has asked the Government of Quebec to take the necessary measures to postpone the effective date of certain provisions of the Act transferring responsibility for the Lobbyists Registry to the Commissioner. This is in order to achieve the objective set out in the Act of establishing a "simple and efficient" registry and to plan an orderly and coherent deployment of the new platform.

Much of the delay is due to collateral damage from the COVID-19 pandemic. The general confinement, the organization of the project done remotely, the difficulty in such a context to reach the development pace of the IT teams for a project of this nature, as well as the context of labor shortage and increased demand for this type of personnel, will have caused a slowdown of the work that we cannot recover today.

With only a few months to go before the project is finalized, the Commissioner is proud of what has been accomplished and the features that will be available by December 19. Delaying the effective date of the platform's deployment would allow us to optimize the user experience: the work that would be done in early 2022 will include the tutorials, online support, as well as the subscription and mandate publication functions.

Since the Commissioner cannot presume the outcome of his request, the government's willingness to act on it, or the National Assembly's ultimate decision, work continues in order to meet the statutory deadline and to deploy all the required functionality as efficiently as can be done.

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