Le commissaire au lobbyisme du Québec veille au respect de la Loi sur la transparence et l'éthique en matière de lobbyisme et au Code de déontologie des lobbyistes.

Consulting the Registry

The Lobbyists Registry, tool of transparency 

The Lobbyists Registry is the tool that concretizes the transparency of lobbying activities carried on with Québec public office holders. It allows citizens, public office holders and lobbyists to know the current lobbying mandates in public administrations.

In a few clicks, every person can know if a lobbyist is registered in the Lobbyists Registry and know the objective pursued by that person's lobbying activities.

Thus, for each lobbying mandate, we find the decision the lobbying is attempting to influence, the names of the public institutions concerned, the nature of the functions of the public office holders concerned (ministerial, deputy-ministerial, managerial, professional or other), the period covered by the lobbying activities, and the means of communication used.

The Personal and Movable Real Rights Registrar is responsible for keeping the Lobbyists Registry and acts as Lobbyists Registrar.