Le commissaire au lobbyisme du Québec veille au respect de la Loi sur la transparence et l'éthique en matière de lobbyisme et au Code de déontologie des lobbyistes.

Applying for a confidentiality order

All the information provided will remain confidential and will be used only to process your application.

The Commissioner of Lobbying undertakes to respond to your application within 10 business days once all the required documents have been provided. The person responsible for processing your application will contact you to ensure the file is complete before sending it to the Commissioner.

1. You are

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2. Your contact information

Your personal information will remain confidential and will be used only by the representatives of the Commissioner of Lobbying so they can contact you to obtain additional information as needed.

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3. Lobbying activities concerned by the application

Based on your project validated by the Lobbyists Registry, indicate the information you wish to have declared confidential

  • Exemple : Extrait d’un projet de déclaration valide
    Details on the lobbying activities covered by the mandate
    (Heading 13.1)
    Subject-matter for which decision-making by a public office holder risks being influenced by the lobbying activities carried on by the enterprise or the group under the mandate:
    The development, presentation, amendment or defeat of a legislative or regulatory proposal or a resolution, a policy, a program or an action plan

    Information useful to the determination of each subject-matter selected above:
    Application for amendment of the city zoning by-law to allow commercial construction. This amendment is necessary for the construction of an agri-food megacentre where multiple services would be offered: restaurants, public market, fine groceries and large-surface stores.

    (Heading 14)
    Period covered by the lobbying activities carried on under the mandate
    Start date: 03/10/2017
    End date: 02/11/2018
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4. Information known to the public

Is the investment project concerned by your application known to the public?

Attach any relevant document (for example: newspaper articles, etc.)

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5. Investment project

Describe the investment project covered by the application. The project must not be hypothetical, random or dependent on unknown data.

Attach any relevant document (for example: business plan, construction specifications, feasibility study, etc.)

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6. Serious prejudice to economic or financial interests

For each heading covered by the application, how and why would their disclosure cause serious prejudice to the economic or financial interest of the client or the enterprise.

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8. Certification