Intellectual Property

The information found on this site is the intellectual property of Québec Commissioner of Lobbying. Except where otherwise specified, the rights of the Québec Commissioner of Lobbying apply to all documents, data, compilations and other works. The trademarks of the Québec Commissioner of Lobbying are also protected.

Anyone may, without authorization or costs but provided the source is mentioned, reproduce on any medium or download documents, data, compilations and other works in this site, except for marketing purposes or to derive a benefit from it. In this case, a prior authorization must be obtained from the Québec Commissioner of Lobbying. To do so, proceed to the heading Intellectual property rights.

Integrity of the information

The Québec Commissioner of Lobbying guarantees the integrity of the information at the particular time it appears on its site but not subsequently. In no way does the Commissioner guarantee the content of any document, information or other, as soon as it has been altered or modified in some way, after or not it has been downloaded. Moreover, if there is a discrepancy between an official text and the content of this site, the official text has precedence.

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights are exclusive rights held by the Québec Commissioner of Lobbying on the documents he produces or publishes, whether through his employees or on his own behalf through a third party having transferred its rights to the Office of the Lobbyists Commissioner or issued a user licence to him. These rights include copyrights and trademarks.

As an illustration, the data and information compilations found on the site of the Québec Commissioner of Lobbying are works protected by copyright, the same way multimedia, literary, musical or artistic works are protected.

The use by a third party of the objects covered by such rights must, except where otherwise stated and subject to the exceptions contained in the relevant legislation, be liable to authorizations, licences, permissions or the granting of interest on the part of the rights holder. This especially concerns reproduction, storage or recording in the computer for purposes other than those strictly permitted.

Therefore, anyone who, for commercial purposes, wishes to reproduce, print, store, download, translate, or display in public (in the form of sounds or images) or telecommunicate (radio broadcasting, cable or satellite) any document, data or other content of this site, must first obtain the authorization of the Québec Commissioner of Lobbying.

Moreover, when utilizing these works, in the broader sense, no one may remove the name of the entitled beneficiary nor alter the content through adding, editing out or through other means, without affecting moral rights.