Le commissaire au lobbyisme du Québec veille au respect de la Loi sur la transparence et l'éthique en matière de lobbyisme et au Code de déontologie des lobbyistes.

Mission, vision and values

Our mission

Monitor and control lobbying activities and promote the transparency, legitimacy, and sound practice of these activities in order to preserve the right to information.

Our vision

Be a proactive, innovative and recognized organization, in line with its stakeholders, and whose actions build trust.

Our values


A flagship value in our daily actions, respect confirms our engagement to citizens and their democratic institutions. It promotes confidence and solidarity among employees and is a crucial element of the quality of the climate that reigns in our organization. It is expressed by the consideration, courtesy, listening, discretion and diligence, we use with all the people with whom we interact.


The result of a fluid communication and cohesion between our teams, organizational consistency is conducive to trust and respect. In this sense, we ensure that our processes and interventions are fully integrated and harmonized for our actions to always be consistent with our words.


The fundamental basis of our mandate, transparency is materialized by the accessibility to our organization, to its expertise and to the information known to be of public interest. It is also apparent via a clear and consistent communication of its practices, decisions and motivations.


We strive for excellence in our monitoring and support expertise of lobbying as well as in the accomplishment of our mandate, by promoting innovation, creativity and self-development. This excellence is translated in the optimization of our skills and the effectiveness of our actions, the validity and rigour of our decisions and in our human relations.


An intrinsic value to the role of the person appointed by the National Assembly, we carry out our mandate in a strictly impartial and objective manner, without partisan consideration or external influence. Our actions and decisions are fair and compliant with applicable rules.