I register in the Lobbyists Registry

The Act requires that lobbyists declare particulars about their lobbying activities in a public registry. This declaration allows citizens to find out who is attempting to influence which decisions of persons working within parliamentary, government and municipal institutions.

What are the benefits of registering in a public registry?
  1. Being compliant with the Act.
  2. Allowing citizens to know what goes on in their municipal, government and parliamentary environment.
  3. Helping to improve the quality of democratic life.
  4. Having a showcase to promote one's fields of expertise.
For the purpose of the Act, engaging in lobbying activities without declaring their purpose in the Lobbyists Registry is an offence punishable by a fine
In addition, by consulting the Lobbyists Registry one finds out about other active « lobbies » concerning various projects and about the major public interest files.

To register in the Lobbyists Registry
The Lobbyists Registry is under the responsibility of the Ministère de la Justice du Québec. For more information on the registration procedure or to register, consult the Lobbyists Registry Web site.