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Lobbyists must abide by a code of conduct.
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Am I engaged in lobbying activities?

Real-life situations

When a lobbyist communicates orally or in writing with a public office holder in an attempt to influence his decisions regarding the passage of a law or regulation, the granting of authorizations, subsidies, contracts, financial benefits, etc., this is a lobbying activity.

Here is a list of examples:
  • The architect, consultant lobbyist

    Mr. Tremblay has just purchased a building built in the 50's. Wanting to set up a child care facility in his basement, he hires you to proceed with the conversion of the basement.

    As early as your first visit, you identify a serious obstacle to the installation of a second exit in the basement, especially because of the particular layout of the place.

    Therefore, one of your first tasks is to prepare a complete and extensive file to help demonstrate that the requirements of the Québec Building Code and its applicable regulation cannot reasonably be met. You also suggest a highly interesting equivalency measure. You submit the file to the Régie du bâtiment du Québec to obtain the authorizations provided for under the Building Act. You meet with the person in charge of processing your application to explain it to her thoroughly and convince her that it is well-founded.

    In this example, the architect is engaging in lobbying activities.

  • The accountant, consultant lobbyist

    Pierre-Jean-Jacques Inc. is a firm specializing in the processing of finished or semi-finished products made from wood. The company plans to open a plant in the Mauricie region and intends to avail itself of the tax credit for job creation in resource regions. The firm hires you to convince authorities that it is eligible for this tax credit even though it does not fully meet some of the requirements.

    To carry on your task, you not only intervene with the persons in charge of managing the program in question, but also with a member of the Responsible Minister's cabinet. These steps are intended to convince the authorities to grant the requested tax credit to your client.

    In this example, the accountant engages in lobbying activities.

  • The lawyer, consultant lobbyist

    You practice law in a city and you are self-employed. The clients you represent are active in a number of fields, including housing projects and farming. As part of your profession you handle contracts, permits, authorizations and licences for your clients. Over the years you have become an influential figure in your town. In fact, you know a lot of people, including members of the municipal council, municipal employees, the member of the National Assembly and a few provincial government employees in your region.

    Your clients sometimes ask you to use your contacts to help them obtain contracts or permits, or solve problems they may have in dealing with stakeholders and authorities of the Québec Government.

    In this example, the lawyer is engaging in lobbying activities.

  • The company president, enterprise lobbyist

    You are the president of a company specializing in the manufacturing of road signs. You make various approaches to members of a Ministère des Transports committee to obtain the standardization of the signs on lenghty road sections and to reach an agreement that could favour your company.

    In this example, the company president is engaging in lobbying activities.

  • The Chamber of Commerce representative of Île du Bonheur, organization lobbyist

    You work for the Chamber of Commerce of l'Île du Bonheur. Your duties consist in making representations to the Société des établissements de plein air du Québec in order to support a summer theater project in the Parc des Pins and thus promote tourism in this area.

    You attempt to convince employees of the Ministère ministère de la Culture et des Communications as well as the mayor of l'Île du Bonheur to subsidize the project.

    In this example, the representative of the Île du Bonheur Chamber of Commerce is engaged in lobbying activities.

To find out if you are engaged in lobbying activities, answer the Flash Quiz.

What is not a lobbying activity?
Among other things, the Act does not consider the following to be lobbying activities:
  • representations made within the framework of judicial or adjudicative proceedings;
  • representations made within the framework of a parliamentary committee or a public meeting of a municipal council;
  • representations made within the framework of public proceedings or proceedings that are a matter of public records (French) (31.95KB);
  • representations made within the framework of labour contract negotiations;
  • representations made by one public office holder to another public office holder;
  • representations made for the sole purpose of promoting the existence or characteristics of a product;
  • representations made in response to a written request from a public office holder;
  • representations made within the framework of public calls for tender issued under the authority of a public office holder.

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