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The Commissioner has issued several notices concerning the interpretation of the Act.
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Am I engaged in lobbying activities?

Flash Quiz

The Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act is based on a straightforward principle: lobbying is legitimate, but people who engage in it must file a registration in a registry available to the public. To know whether or not you are engaged in lobbying activities, begin by answering the following questions.
  1. Is it part of your duties to communicate with persons from the National Assembly, the Québec government or a municipality in an attempt to influence their decisions?

    Yes No

  2. Do the decisions you attempt to influence concern:
    - A law, a regulation or a resolution?
    - A program, an orientation or an action plan?
    - The issuance of a permit, licence or certificate or another kind of
    - The awarding of a contract, a grant or another financial benefit?

    Yes No

  3. Do you devote more than 12 days of work per year within your company or non-profit organization making oral or written communications in an attempt to influence the decisions of public authorities (Minister, member of the National Assembly, mayor, government employee, etc.)?


    Do you make such communications on behalf of a client in exchange for money or benefits?
    Yes No

  4. Are these influential communications made outside the framework of:
    - Judicial proceedings?
    - Parliamentary committees?
    - Call for public tenders?
    - Advertisements on products or services?
    Yes No

To find out if you are engaged in lobbying activities, read the Real-life situations.

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