I consult the Lobbyists Registry

The Lobbyists Registry is first and foremost an instrument intended to ensure the transparency of lobbying activities. It allows citizens to know what goes on when lobbyists communicate with public authorities.

Whether you duties as a public office holder fall within the political realm (that is, if you are a member of the National Assembly or an elected municipal officer) or the administrative sphere (that is, if you are a Québec Government or municipality employee), information on lobbying activities directed towards you can be found in the Lobbyists Registry. You will find, for example:
Since the registry is available to everyone, citizens, elected officials or holders of administrative offices would be well advised to consult it regulary to know about the steps taken by lobbyists in current affairs.

The Lobbyists Registry, operating under the responsibility of the Ministère de la Justice, can be consulted free of charge at any time on the Internet.

Lobbyists must declare certain information in the registry, including information on the subject-matter of their activities.