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The Act allows citizens to exercise their right to information.
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Lobbying and citizens' confidence

Influential communications are omnipresent in public administration, at the parliamentary, government and municipal levels. What, then, does lobbying have to do with the citizens’ confidence in their public administration?

Transparency » confidence
The Act recognizes that these communications are legitimate as part of the public decision-making process when they are carried out with the utmost transparency, that is, when they are declared in a public registry. Transparency allows citizens to know who the lobbyists are and what decisions they seek to influence. In the performance of their duties, public office holders cannot therefore ignore the information right provided to citizens by the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act.

Equal access » confidence
As part of their duties, public office holders must also provide citizens with an equal access opportunity to public institutions. Which means that, just as citizens do, lobbyists can express their opinion in all legitimacy. In fact, public office holders must consider the various points of view in order to make their decisions in the public interest.

Ethics » confidence
Public office holders have a right to expect lobbyists who contact them to do so with the utmost transparency and in compliance with the Code of Conduct for Lobbyists. The relations of the lobbyist with public decision-makers must be especially filled with honesty and professionalism. These are the conditions allowing public office holders to maintain the integrity of the decisions they are required to make. This helps increase the confidence of citizens in their public institutions.

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