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Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act

Unanimously enacted by the Québec National Assembly on June 13, 2002, the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act is aimed at fostering transparency in the lobbying of public office holders and at ensuring that lobbying activities are properly conducted.

This Act follows on the heels of other similar laws enacted in Québec in recent years and elsewhere in North America. Since the Québec legislation on the financing of political parties or on access to information, the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act contributes towards improving democratic life and strengthening the confidence of citizens towards political and administrative institutions.

In short, the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act:
  • defines lobbying activities and sets up categories of lobbyists;
  • provides for the registration and update, in a public register, of information especially concerning lobbyists and the object of their activities;
  • entrusts the Lobbyists Registrar with the responsibility of updating the register;
  • stipulates that the Lobbyists Commissioner is appointed by the National Assembly and is independent of government administration;
  • gives the Lobbyists Commissioner the mandate to monitor and control lobbying activities;
  • provides for the Commissioner to develop and adopt a Code of Conduct for Lobbyists and to carry out inspections and investigations regarding any breach of the Act or the Code;
  • forbids certain lobbying practices;
  • provides for disciplinary measures and penal sanctions for violations of the Act or of the Code.

This Act gives a new dimension to the right to information, a right guaranteed by the Charter of rights and freedoms, by allowing citizens to know who is trying to influence public interest decisions.

You can consult the unabridged version of the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act and of the Code of Conduct for Lobbyists.

To access the regulations related to the Act and the interpretation notices of the Commissioner, consult the Documentation centre.

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