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Certain activities are not lobbying activities.
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Our mission
Ensure compliance with the Act and the Code of Conduct for Lobbyists and promote transparency, legitimacy and the proper conduct of lobbying activities in order to give full effect to the public’s right to know who is attempting to influence public institutions.

Our vision
Exercise leadership and play a key role in the areas of transparency and the regulation of lobbying activities, and help re-establish public trust in public institutions.

Our values

Transparency lies behind all our actions and is one of the values inherent in our mandate. It applies to our decisions and the reasons on which they are based, to the way in which they are made and, in general, to access to information.

Another key concern is respect, as reflected in consideration for all the people with whom we interact. We show courtesy, attentiveness, discretion and diligence in all our relationships.

Objectivity, the foundation for our actions and decision-making process, is demonstrated by compliance with the applicable rules and fair treatment for all. We ensure that we remain objective in our decisions, apply no partisan considerations and avoid all forms of discrimination and personal preference.

Organizational coherency is a sign of sound internal communications and cohesion between departments. It gives rise to trust and respect. The office of the Lobbyists Commissioner seeks at all times to increase coherency between its messages and its actions and to avoid contradictory signals.

Excellence is a state of mind that we aim for in order to surpass ourselves, display imagination and curiosity, and develop recognized skills in the supervision of lobbying activities. The office of the Lobbyists Commissioner targets excellence in the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of all its actions.

Our jurisdiction
The Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act was passed unanimously by the National Assembly in 2002. It applies to all lobbying of public office holders working in parliamentary institutions, in the roughly 300 departments, enterprises and agencies of the Québec government, and in over 2,200 municipalities and municipal and supramunicipal bodies.

In addition to its broad scope, the Act also covers a wide range of decisions, such as those relating to the development, introduction, amendment or defeat of any legislative or regulatory proposal or resolution. It also covers a large number of administrative acts, such as decisions relating to policies, programs or action plans, decisions relating to the issue of any permit, licence, certificate or other authorization, decisions relating to the awarding of any contract or any grant or other financial benefit, and decisions relating to the appointment of any public office holder.

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