How can I intervene?

As a citizen, you can contribute to the improvement of democratic life. The Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act gives you the means to:

- consult the Lobbyists Registry;
- report to the Lobbyists Commissioner.

Consult the Lobbyists Registry
The Lobbyists Registry is first and foremost an instrument designed to ensure the transparency of lobbying activities. Whatever the field, whether it is education, health, environment or economic development, lobbyists can attempt to influence the decision-making process of public office holders in your region or in your town.

Since the registry is available to everyone, citizens, elected officials or holders of administrative offices, you would be well advised to consult it regularly to learn about the steps taken by lobbyists regarding files that are active in your environment and the issues that concern you.

Consult the Lobbyists Registry.

Make a report to the Lobbyists Commissioner
Under the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act, the Lobbyists Commissioner can make inquiries on request, if he has reasons to believe there has been a breach of the Act or of the Code of Conduct for Lobbyists.

Any citizen may, by identifying himself or herself, bring to the attention of the Lobbyists Commissioner the fact that a lobbyist is in violation of the Act by contacting the Lobbyists Commissioner in writing, by e-mail or by telephone.