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I consult the Lobbyists Registry

The Lobbyists Registry contains information on lobbying activities taking place in any one of the public institutions subject to the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act. You can find out, for instance, who in your city attempts to influence your mayor to get the zoning by-laws changed in order to promote an industrial project.

To consult the Lobbyists Registry, you can conduct a search by:
  • field of interest (education, finances, games and lotteries, industries, etc.);
  • name of lobbyist;
  • name of institution (city, ministry and agency);
  • name of the lobbyist's client or business.
Among other things, you can find information on:
  • the subject-matter of lobbying activities;
  • the name of the lobbyist and of his client;
  • the title of the persons contacted by the lobbyist;
  • the term of the lobbyist's mandate .
Since the registry is available to everyone, whether you are a citizen, an elected official or an administrative office holder, you would be well advised to consult it regularly to keep informed on the steps taken by lobbyists concerning files that are active in your environment.

The Lobbyists Registry, which comes under the Ministère de la Justice, is available free of charge on the Internet at

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