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Examples of lobbying activities

Examples of what are lobbying activities
  • Henry receives Pierrette's visit; she is a long-standing client active in the field of residential construction. Pierrette has a problem: there is no residential construction allowed in the part of town where she plans to develop her latest project. Despite her approaches, the town refuses to authorize a change in the development plan and zoning by-law. She would like to retain Henry's services to have him discuss with members of the city council to persuade them to change the development plan and the by-law. If Henry agrees to help Pierrette, he will be carrying out a lobbying activity.

  • Julian is a government relations expert in the firm where he has been working for the last 4 year. His work regularly brings him into contact with the Forestry Minister to ensure that the adoption of policies and regulations in the field of forestry will not go against his firm's development.
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Examples of what lobbying activities are not

  • Nathalie is president of an association of small hydro project owners. She received a letter from the Energy Minister requesting that she explain the association's perspective on the new legislation concerning the small hydro projects during a meeting. The fact that Nathalie is meeting with the Minister at his request does not constitute a lobbying activity under the Act, since the communication is made at the written request of the Minister.

  • In another example, the president of the Festival of Inventors submits a grant application for its next edition. The only thing that the government employee receiving this application does, is to make sure the eligibility requirements are met. In this case, the festival president's communication with the government employee is not considered as a lobbying activity.

  • Richard has invented a new software program for pay control. He wants to develop his market to distribute his product and, to do so, has agreed to meet with the directors of information-based services in government departments to explain the features of his software program. Richard's communication with government employees is not considered as a lobbying activity.

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